About Us

Who We Are

The United States Sweet Potato Council is the advocate for the economic well-being of U.S. sweet potato growers.


The Council is a voluntary organization. Its financial support comes from dues paid by state organizations, associate membership dues and sponsors. 

U.S. sweet potato growers and the entire U.S. Sweet Potato Industry benefit directly and indirectly from the activities of the Council. The Council supports the Industry by:

  • Providing a forum for bringing together, on a national level, growers and issues of diverse regions.
  • Monitoring federal issues affecting the growers’ ability to produce efficiently.
  • Educating key Congressional Representatives and Senators on federal issues important to growers.
  • Implementing market research and tools to advance consumer awareness and purchases of sweet potatoes.


Darren Barfield President Livingston, CA
Jeffery Lee Vice President Benson, NC
Randle Wright Treasurer Vardaman, MS
Casey Smith Cullman, AL
Hunter Fife Delhi, LA
Todd O’Neal Delhi, LA
Caleb Englert Houston, MS
Terris Matthews Wynne, AR