2016 Sweet Potato Statistical Yearbook

NOW AVAILABLE, the 2016 publication of THE UNITED STATES SWEET POTATO COUNCIL’s Sweet Potato Statistical Yearbook.   Review of the statistical material contained will enable anyone to quickly gain a reliable perspective of the U.S. and World Sweet Potato Industry.

The YEARBOOK presents the most complete picture of U.S. and world sweet potato production and trade under one cover. A quick review of the YEARBOOK enables one to become well informed about the numbers that represent the World Sweet Potato Industry. It provides a comprehensive record of Sweet Potato Industry statistics over a period of up to 20 years (or more), and also adds value to membership in the Council as it is available at no charge to all 2016 Board Members and all 2016 Associate Members.

Copies of the Sweet Potato Statistical Yearbook 2016  are available for $25.00 each, prepaid, shipped anywhere in the U.S.  Outside the U.S. each, prepaid, $35.00