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Request for Proposal – Website & Social Media Development and Management

The United States Sweet Potato Council Inc. (USSPC)


The United States Sweet Potato Council is the advocate for the economic well-being of U.S. sweet potato growers, packers, processors, state associations and affiliated industries.  The Council is a voluntary organization. Its financial support comes from dues paid by state organizations, from Associate Membership dues, and individual sponsorships.  U.S. sweet potato growers and the entire U.S. Sweet Potato Industry benefit directly and indirectly from the activities of the Council.

The USSPC is seeking a firm that specializes in food marketing and public relations to assist in the development and management of the Council’s website and social media

 Scope of the Proposal:

Your proposal should include the following:

  1. Agency introduction and philosophy
  2. Agency team proposed for the USSPC account
  3. Market overview as it relates to U.S. sweet potatoes (relative strengths and weaknesses of the product, etc.) and how your agency can address this market
  4. Recommended strategy, both short and long-term
  5. Budget recommendations, including estimated out-of-pocket expenses and fees
  6. Primary agency contact and contact information
  7. Additional information that would be of assistance

Specific scope of work:

The USSPC envisions its website and social media campaign encompassing:

  1. Creating a website that provides both consumer and industry oriented materials and resources.
    1. Who We Are
    2. US Sweet Potato Members & Industry (secure section for members only)
    3. Government Affairs
    4. All About Sweet Potatoes
    5. Nutrition and Health
  2. Social media plan and management that targets consumers.


Selection Criteria: 

  1. Expertise in creating and executing the tracking/reporting public relations plans.
  2. Experience in developing websites and engaging social media plans that can be evaluated on a year-to-year basis.
  3. Relevant background of staff to be assigned to this project.
  4. Suggested fee schedule (e.g., planning fees, monthly fees, etc.).
  5. Statement that working with The USSPC construes no conflict of interest with the Agency’s other clients or affiliates.
  6. Completeness and thoroughness of the proposal.

Timing and Submission of Proposals:

Please submit Proposal no later than June 10, 2017 to:


22 Triplett Court, Dillsburg, PA  17019


In addition, email copies may be sent to:  Kay Rentzel, Executive Director


No in-person interviews will be conducted, although interviews may be conducted via telephone or video conferencing following reviews of the written proposals.

For more information please contact Kay Rentzel at or telephone at 717-329-8421.

 The U.S. Sweet Potato Council is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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